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Carroll High School4

Corpus Christi, TX | Nueces County

April 11, 2014

this school has its goods and bads. I came from a small school with 60 kids in my grade, then I jump to carroll with roughly 600 in my grade. The people aren't necessarily bad...its just for a quiet, reserved, rule abiding child, there sure are a lot of people who do drugs and scream cuss words across the room to each other and the teachers don't bat an eye. I though I got away from the small town drama- but instead, its just like it, except you get more people that turn against you. I once commented on a major drug addicts picture that she was too skinny...I got all kinds of backlash from my so called "friends" that always talked about how much they hate her and wish she would overdose. Not really nice...you would also think some of these kids may be more accepting of kids struggling with things like depression and eating disorders....no, talking about being pregnant in 7th grade is more normal than talking about recovery from anorexia. overall, if your kid has a good, easy time making friends and is not in AP classes and doesn't care about grades, Carroll is perfect. If your child actually wants a future and is mature, maybe pick a better school.

Submitted by a student

July 17, 2011

this school is way over crowded and the teaching staff relfects that. If your child needs to be challenged in school this is NOT the school for your kid. Most teachers have a i do not care if you pass attitude.

Submitted by a parent

December 12, 2008

I attended schools throughout CCISD my whole life up until the last quarter of my sophomore year, luther jones - grant - to carroll, and i feel the only good education i got out of CCISD was at luther jones, when i moved from Corpus to where I now attend school i was astounded by the bar set by the students up in austin, you have to have a 4.6 GPA in order to be in top 10% compared to my 3.9 getting me in top 8 at carroll, as well as me failing most of the classes out here the first quarter coming from high a's at carroll, all in all, not a great place to go to school for you are not prepared after you graduate or move.

Submitted by a student

August 26, 2006

My son attended CHS when he was a freshman. He is now a senior in what my opinion is the best school. Teachers are caring and are willing to help and teach the children. There is always parental involvement in the childrens accedemic courses. I have seen a lot of children grow to be responsible young men and women. I am proud to have my son in such a school. I look forward for when my grandchildren also attend Mary Carroll High School.

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April 25, 2004

I believe that this school is the best of them all. I say this because throughout it's years, Carroll has been bringing about youthful and ready to learn students.

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